Frequent Questions

Simple answers to your most common questions

Why should I come?

Reflection and dialogue are two tools that allow us to live more intentionally and make a difference with our lives. The 2017 USAP Forum promises to be a dynamic gathering where we can share innovative ideas on how we can use our education and experience to individually and collectively impact communities in Africa. Reflect on your role. Network with your USAP family at home where it all began!

Do I need a visa to enter Zimbabwe?

Citizens of some countries have visa-free access to Zimbabwean and others will require visas on entry or in advance. If you are not eligible for a visa on entry, you can apply through a Zimbabwean Embassy or High Commision in your country of residency else you can apply online at You can check you visa requirements against your passport at

What costs are covered by the forum fee?

The $200 covers double sharing accomodation, all meals, a single activity and a t-shirt. Extra activities will be available at extra an extra cost from the lodge.

Will there be transport to and from Chengeta?

There will be a free bus from Harare to Chengeta on Friday as well as back to Harare on Sunday.